World Prematurity Day 2015: It takes a village

Very soon it will be November 17, also known as World Prematurity Day, and also known as the day when the world turns purple to honour preemies, their families, and the wonderful people who care for them.

We at the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation are big fans (obviously!) of World Prematurity Day, and we are so amazed at how the preemie parent community has come together in Canada to celebrate. It takes a village to raise a child, and it sure takes a village to celebrate this special day properly. 

We have parents using our World Prematurity Day images on Facebook, and sharing photos of their preemie heroes they took using our WPD Printables.

We have parents who’ve approached their MLA to make a statement in the BC Legislature about the importance of supporting premature babies and their families. We send a huge thank you to MLA Stilwell for her support and to the parent representatives in British Columbia for all their hard work. Here is a video of her beautiful statement in the BC Legislature last year. 

We have parents who’ve put together a deputation and presented at City Hall to make sure their city lights up its landmarks on November 17. (Yes, we’re looking at you, Mississauga people!)

But it’s not just Mississauga who will be shining purple lights on World Prematurity Day. We are thrilled to see several new cities being added to the list of participating cities in Canada. Return participants include: Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Niagara Falls, Montreal and Moncton, and first time participants include Halifax, NS, and Cambridge, ON.Ottawa Heritage Building Light It Up Purple 2013

Do you want to be involved in World Prematurity Day activities?  The simplest way to be involved is to wear purple, and perhaps join our social media campaign by liking and sharing our Facebook posts, and tweeting to us, and retweeting us, and uploading your photos for us to share. Our hashtags for the day are #WorldPrematurityDay and #PreemiePowerCanada. 

Many neonatal intensive care units are hosting their own activities for the day; contact your local NICU to see if you can offer support.  If you are a preemie parent and want to find out if something is going on in your area, there are many conversations going on in our online Peer Support group, or you can also check out the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation Facebook page for updates. 

So to all of you who have worked so hard to get the word out about World Prematurity Day, and who have brought it to people’s attention across Canada … thank you! Get your purple clothes ready, and we will see you on November 17!

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