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International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day

We’ve had a great time over the past couple of weeks, during the Kangaroo Challenge 2016, watching families post their favourite photos doing kangaroo care while in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units and Special Care Nurseries they and their babies lived in at one point in time. Many of those who shared their photos have come and gone from the hospitals, but one thing that remains is the memory of the early days, the first thrilling opportunities to hold their premature babies.

Many parents will describe the practice of kangaroo care as:

healing, encouraging, empowering, tender and a very special part of their time spent in the hospital with their babies.


Click below for a quick lesson on Kangaroology!

kangaroo challenge 2016 screen


We’ve also seen numerous news stories popping up, describing the importance and benefit of kangaroo care for babies and their families. It has been exciting to see the Kangaroo Challenge 2016 increase in the number of participants and the attention it has gained in the media. Knowledge is power!

If you’re looking to see which hospital won Kangaroo Challenge 2016, the friendly competition ends on the last day of May. More than 70 hospitals around the world have signed up, so we’ve got a lot of counting to do. Thanks to the hard work of all these clinical teams and parents, as mentioned, kangaroo care is all over the news. We thank every single hospital, every single parent, and every single baby who participated. So keep checking back with us to find out who won … although we know the real answer is that we all won! Happy holding, everyone!

In honour of International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day, we leave you with this video of families doing Kangaroo Care.

kangaroo challenge 2016 screen 2.png

Thank you to all those who contributed.




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