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The 2016 Kangaroo Challenge: Winners, more winners, and lessons learned

We were so happy to be able to partner with Sunnybrook HSC on this year’s Kangaroo Challenge, and we want to share a summary of this year’s event with you.

To cut right to the chase, this year’s winners both were Canadian NICUs!  Alberta Children’s took home the Level 3/4 prize, with an astonishing 3.5 hours of holding per baby per day.  North York General Hospital was the Level 2 winner, with a truly impressive 4.1 hours of holding per baby per day.  We congratulate both winners, and we are happy to say their prizes from CPBF are on the way. (More on those below).

The teams at Alberta Children’s and North York were incredibly generous with information, and each wrote blog posts to sum up their experiences with the Challenge. North York dug deep into the education piece, and enjoyed how competitive and involved their families became.  Alberta Children’s shared many highlights, but there’s one in particular we have to mention … one of their babies was kangarooed for 28 hours straight as the parents took shifts!  That is awe-inspiring!

We do believe that every team who participated was a winner, and they were all wonderful about sharing their tips, ideas and inspirations.  We also learned so much from our Australian friends, who hosted a similar challenge and whose winners posted amazing totals. Tamworth Rural Referral Hospital had 3.7 hours/baby/day while Monash Newborn had 2.9 hours/baby/day!

Here at CPBF we ran our own friendly competition for our network of families; we asked families to share their photographs of their precious moments spent kangarooing, and from all the posts we randomly drew a winner. Thank you so much to Kristin Hordyk for sharing this incredible photo; the look on your beautiful baby’s face says more about Kangaroo Care than any words we could string together.

Enjoying Kangaroo Cuddles with mom!

 Kristin will be receiving a customized kangaroo from Christine Taylor Designs, as will North York General Hospital and Alberta Children’s.

We think this is a fantastic model for making quality improvement fun. A little friendly competition plus a whole lot of friendly collaboration leads to amazing work being done to benefit babies and families. We are so appreciative of each and every person who participated in this Challenge.  We send huge thanks to the wonderful Luisa King at Sunnybrook for leading this project, and we are already excited about next year.

If you have ideas about how we could make this Challenge grow even more, we want to hear them! Please feel free to comment on this post or email us at info@cpbf-fbpc.org.

Happy holding!

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